How We Do It

How We Do It

Over the years OAS has painstakingly put together a Ukrainian field structure of tested integrity and effectiveness. Our field coordinators are responsible for monitoring the distribution and use of OAS provided resources and for ensuring orphan eligibility.

In addition to maintaining records of signed receipts for funds, field coordinators make unannounced visits to orphan homes to conduct random reviews.

Upon receipt of the sponsor’s funds the orphan is encouraged to write a short letter to the sponsor acknowledging receipt and providing information on his or her well being. OAS provides for English language translations of these letters as necessary.

The costs of administering this delivery system are covered by generous donations we raise separately from orphan sponsorships.  We can thus assure our sponsors that the entire sum of their stipends are delivered to their orphan. The administrative burden of the program is borne by hundreds of individual and institutional donors who have valued our activities throughout the years.  Working entirely with volunteers in the U.S. we have been able to keep our administrative and fundraising costs well below 10% of total program expenses every year since inception of OAS.

Ukrainian Traditions

Fostering the growth of good citizenship and appreciation for Ukrainian culture, heritage, language, religious values, and national aspirations is an important goal of the Society’s program and these factors play a role in the selection of orphans and in continued maintenance of OAS support.  Our field coordinators provide oversight in their on site visits to make sure the guardians provide an environment that is consistent with our goals.