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Through the efforts of Orphans Aid Society, a family that was living in a shed in back of a garage now has a house they can call home.


OAS’s coordinator for Ivanofrankivsk was  travelling through the Zakarpattia region in western Ukraine, when, during a perchance stop at a car service garage,  learned a man working in the garage, was also living, with his two school age daughters, in a small shed in back of the garage.  Their home had burned down, and having nowhere to go, they were provided temporary sleeping arrangements by the owner of the garage.  Temporary turned into permanent.


Horrified by this man’s plight, she took it upon herself to learn more and to try to help the family.  She found a suitable small house in the town which was for sale.  The asking price was $10,000.


Locally, between the fathers meager savings and the generosity of others, $3,000 was available.  Our coordinator turned to us, requesting our help in raising the balance of the money needed to purchase the house.


Though this request did not fall under the services we provide, we felt we had to help this family.  At OAS we contacted our supporters, and with their help, and the added generosity of some of the Board members, we raised the additional $7,000 needed.


Our coordinator handled the purchase to ensure the funds were properly used and the goal achieved.oas 1


We are happy to announce that the family now lives in their own home.  On a sad note, the father became terminally ill during this time.  Whatever the outcome in the life of this man, he has the peace of mind knowing his daughters will have a home and the continuing support of Orphans’ Aid Society.oas 4