Looking for Sponsors

It only costs 20 dollars a month to sponsor a needy child.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, go to our orphan sponsorship page to choose an orphan to sponsor and email us at oasnyo@gmail.com.

Looking for Donors

We are always looking for unrestricted donations to pay for administrative costs of the Society here in the US and for program delivery expenses in Ukraine. The program in Ukraine is quite substantial with field coordinators throughout Ukraine in 25 cities with multiple coordinators in more densely populated areas. The coordinators incur travel and communication expenses visiting and evaluating our orphans and staying in touch with our Kyiv headquarters.

In addition, we pay for unexpected needs either for subsistence or medical emergencies, and ship donated clothing, household goods and medical supplies throughout the year.

Further, we have been setting aside surplus funds over the years to provide scholarships for the most needy of our orphans. All of this assistance has come from generous donations from individuals, organizations, and corporations who felt unable to commit to long-term sponsorship of orphans but valued our services sufficiently to periodically donate some funds.

OAS regularly solicits unrestricted donations through the mail and through occasional fundraising events. All donations are welcome and may be sent to our address at P. O. Box 630245, Little Neck, NY 11363-0245. You may also donate online. If paying with your credit card and not PayPal still proceed to PayPal and scroll to bottom.

Need Volunteers

If interested in volunteering your services please contact us at OASNYO@gmail.com.