What We Do

What We Do

Although many worthy organizations raise funds for impoverished children all over the world, most seem to focus on the “third world” and have overlooked the unfortunate children of Ukraine.
To remedy this circumstance, through a variety of activities and programs OAS provides material and moral support for Ukrainian orphans and half orphans up to 18 years of age. For those orphans pursuing their education in institutions of higher learning stipend assistance can be maintained.

OAS focuses on children outside of state funded institutions. It is our belief that a family environment is more conducive to a child’s development than that of an institution. Hence our approach of providing direct financial assistance to guardians and relatives of orphans who might otherwise not be able to support an orphaned child.

How Your Gifts Help Save Ukrainian Children

OAS relies primarily on the support of its “sponsors” who contribute $20 per month to eligible orphans. Once orphans and sponsors are brought together, OAS distributes sponsor allotments and monitors their proper use.

In addition to sponsor support, OAS provides emergency assistance to orphans and their guardians, sends parcels, provides medical assistance, has organized summer camps and maintains an ongoing program of Ukrainian religious, cultural, and language education.