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With over 25 years of experience, the Orphan's Aid Society (OAS) has been providing relief for the orphans of Ukraine, helping them gain independence and lead productive, fulfilled lives. 

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Latest Update from Ukraine

With great sadness we mourn the loss of two of our coordinators who passed away.


     Halyna Mohylnytska was our coordinator for Odessa for many years.  In a city that was heavily Russified till recently, where Ukrainian speaking citizens were in a minority, Halyna  managed to work within the Ukrainian community, find needy orphans and bring them into our fold.  Always vibrant, highly intelligent and educated, she was a pleasure to be with and brought her resilience and energy to our annual meetings in Kyiv.  Halyna contracted Covid-19 months ago.  Unfortunately, she became one of the long haulers, never able to recover from the virus, till eventually it had the better of her.  Though ill, Halyna continued her work in OAS, distributing the recent stipend distribution to her orphans.


     Nadya Holobyn was our coordinator for Ivanofrankivsk and one of our founding members.  She dedicated her life to OAS and was our stellar coordinator.  Hundreds of orphans passed through her tenure, supported by OAS sponsors and nurtured by Naday’s warm heart.  Nadya expanded her coordinating efforts outside of Ivanfrankivsk, adding the city of Zakarpattia to her responsibilities.  Nadia was not requested to do this, she volunteered.  Nadya was always cognizant of the those less fortunate.  She stumbled upon two teenage girls, living with their widowed Father in a storeroom behind a garage.  She rallied OAS to their aid.  We raised funds in America and Nadya purchased a modest home for the family.  Years ago, when floods and erosion decimated western Ukraine, Nadya single handedly traveled to affected areas, distributing aid provided by OAS.  Nadya suffered from ailments that eventually took her from her family and from us.  Her legacy will live on, in the hearts of the orphans she cared for and in our hearts.


The OAS Family mourns Halyna’s and Nadya’s passing.  They will not be forgotten.  Вічна пам'ять.
It is with deep sorrow and a great sense of loss that we share with you the sudden and unexpected passing of our long time board member, Lucy Lebedowicz

Lucy’s relationship with OAS started slowly.  Lucy first recommended her daughter, Melanie, volunteer her time to OAS to help with College entry requirements.  Finding out that she lived near OAS founder Mary Jowyk,  Lucy began to donate her own time to the Organization.  Lucy’s enthusiasm and dedication  for OAS never waned,  and it was not long before Lucy was invited to join the board.  This was decades ago, and through all those years, Lucy steadfastly and selflessly gave her time and energy to OAS.  Lucy, with her husband Jerry, have supported countless orphans.  Lucy’s daughter Melanie, returned to OAS after finishing College and graduating as a Lawyer.  Melanie provided OAS with pro bono legal services and sponsored her own orphans.

The Lebedowicz Family, with Lucy at the helm, has done so much for our Society over these many years.  We are immeasurably indebted to them, for their time, energy and financial support.  We extend our deepest condolences, share their sorrow and grief. 
If anyone deserves a place in Heaven, it is Lucy.

        The coronavirus has impacted the world, including Ukraine, our organization and our orphans.  OAS is continuing its work in Ukraine.  With good fortune we are able to care for the orphans and stipends continue to be distributed within the limitations of lockdown and social distancing.  A documentary film on the life of orphans in Ukraine, scheduled for filming, has been postponed until further notice.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you, with our orphans, caretakers and the OAS Organization.  We thank the sponsors, who, during these times, continued to support our orphans and organization.

We pray for an end to this crisis, a return to normalcy, peace and prosperity.


Board of Directors

The COVID-19 Pandemic

in memoriam

May Her Memory Be Eternal.

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       Maria Jowyk founded Orphans Aid Society in 1992 to aid and support orphans in Ukraine.  Over the years, through Maria Jowyk’s hard work, OAS grew into a grass roots organization throughout Ukraine.  Thousands of orphans became recipients of Maria Jowyk’s love and care.  They received monetary aid, clothing and support.  Many finished higher education, became professionals, and went on to lead full, productive lives.  As a result of Maria Jowyk’s dedication, persistence, and love for Ukraine, Orphans Aid Society thrives to this day, continuing her great legacy.

Board of Directors

Orphans Aid Society

Maria Jowyk, OAS Founder


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