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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


September 9, 2023

The war in Ukraine feels endless. We continue to hope and pray for a victorious breakthrough. In spite of all the military obstacles and endless bombings, the spirit of Ukraine endures.

We owe enormous credit to our Kyiv office personnel and coordinators for their endless work supporting our orphans.


We are completing distribution of stipends for the second half of 2023 to all available orphans. We are also distributing the Marketing Research Education Fund (“MREF”) grant to eligible orphans for the 2023/2024 school year.

This is the third MREF grant we have received, and we are grateful to them for their continued support and trust.

The status of orphans is in flux, with some migrating outside of Ukraine and others returning. We continue to monitor this situation through our coordinators and provide support to all our orphans with whom we can communicate and transfer funds to.

We continue to transfer money to Ukraine via Self-Reliance NY FCU. Their financial and logistical support is crucial for us to continually transfer money to individuals in Ukraine swiftly and efficiently. Our transfers number in the hundreds. We are
immeasurably grateful to Self-Reliance and their dedicated staff.

We continue our policy of not turning anyone down who requests our assistance during this dire situation in Ukraine. We help families and individuals who are destitute, who have lost their homes, and who are overwhelmed with medical needs.

In addition to this, mothers and families have turned to us to help with care for their sons who have returned from the war with severe injuries that require extensive and prolonged medical care. Some have returned as invalids, who will require care for the
rest of their lives. We have established a War Fund and are providing financial assistance to these parents and families. This is a tragedy that will remain with us for a very long time.

We are able to perform this work only through the generosity of our benefactors, donors and sponsors.

We thank each and every one of you for supporting the work Orphans’ Aid Society is doing in Ukraine.

Victor Czartorysky
Orphans’ Aid Society

On September 21, 2023, Baal Dan hosted a fundraiser in New York for children impacted by famine in Ethiopia and Somalia.  Orphans Aid Society was invited to attend.  Baal Dan, a charity founded by Tanya Pinto, supports impoverished and vulnerable children in developing and emerging countries.  Tanya Pinto and Baal Dan were instrumental in vetting OAS on behalf of Marketing Research Education Foundation (MREF) for the three educational support grants we received for our orphans.  MREF held their own networking event on July 18, 2023, to which OAS was invited as well.  We at OAS appreciate the recognition and support we have received from MREF and Baal Dan.  Cooperation between charitable organizations is invaluable in furthering the work we all perform for those less fortunate.

Consider a Bequest to OAS in your Estate Planning


With over 25 years of experience, the Orphan's Aid Society (OAS) has been providing relief for the orphans of Ukraine, helping them gain independence and lead productive, fulfilled lives. 

Learn more about the history of the organization and what we do.

Please reach out to us directly to inquire about orphans currently available for sponsorship. 

Read about our various branches, programs, and sponsorship types.

Volunteer Group
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Our Fallen Members
Lucy Lebedowicz – Board Member
Halyna Mohylnytzka – Coordinator for Odessa
Halyna Antonenko – Coordinator for Mykolayiv and Kherson
Nadia Holobyn – Coordinator for Ivanofrankivsk 
“Never to be Forgotten”
in memoriam

May Her Memory Be Eternal.

MARY JOWYK_edited.png

 Maria Jowyk founded Orphans Aid Society in 1992 to aid and support orphans in Ukraine.  Over the years, through Maria Jowyk’s hard work, OAS grew into a grass roots organization throughout Ukraine.  Thousands of orphans became recipients of Maria Jowyk’s love and care.  They received monetary aid, clothing and support.  Many finished higher education, became professionals, and went on to lead full, productive lives.  As a result of Maria Jowyk’s dedication, persistence, and love for Ukraine, Orphans Aid Society thrives to this day, continuing her great legacy.

Board of Directors

Orphans Aid Society

Maria Jowyk, OAS Founder


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