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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


     Sadly, the War in Ukraine has entered its second year. In spite of sporadic bombings and electrical blackouts, our Kyiv office personnel continue their work as best they can.  We have completed distribution of stipends for the year 2022 to all available orphans and distributed the Marketing Research Education Foundation (“MREF”) Grant funds to eligible orphans.

     Some orphans, who remained in the War Zone, and were cut off from communication for a lengthy time, such as those in Kherson, received their support late in the year. To these children, we sent their yearly stipends, added the first half of 2023, and provided additional funding to help them in their unique situation. An example of this is a widow with a 6 year old son who survived Russian occupation in Kherson for 9 months. Only after the Russian retreat was she able to communicate with us and provide her banking information. They received their full aid and additional support. Both are still living in Kherson. The boy is attending 1st grade.

In the calmer areas of Ukraine, the populace is continuing with their lives as best as they can. Schools and Universities are open and in session. We have implemented a College Fund and are paying the tuition of students who are unable to cover those costs
themselves. Though the tuition is insignificant by our standards, it is still formidable to many of our orphans and their caretakers.

There have been instances of impoverished families turning to our coordinators for assistance. As there are no orphans in these families, we provided aid through our separate Humanitarian Fund.

We have made it our policy not to turn anyone down who is in a dire situation in Ukraine and needs assistance.  We continue to transfer money to Ukraine via Self Reliance NY FCU. Their financial and logistical support has made it possible for us to continually transfer money to individuals in Ukraine swiftly and efficiently. Our transfers number in the hundreds. This would not be possible without the dedication to our work that their Staff has shown us. MREF recently provided us with a second Grant and have indicated that a third Grant may be available. This is welcome news, as the additional funds will allow us to provide all orphans with school aid again in the latter part of 2023.

We thank our benefactors, donors and sponsors for their continued support for the work
Orphans’ Aid Society is doing in Ukraine.


March 18, 2023


Victor Czartorysky


Orphans’ Aid Society

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With over 25 years of experience, the Orphan's Aid Society (OAS) has been providing relief for the orphans of Ukraine, helping them gain independence and lead productive, fulfilled lives. 

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Dr. Natalia Koropeckyj


It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of one of our staunchest supporters and sponsors, Dr. Natalia Koropeckyj.
Dr. Koropeckyj supported numerous orphans over many years, steadfastly mailing her contribution every 6 weeks, in the same amount, year after year.
An extraordinary person, Dr. Koropeckyj led a long and full life, dedicated to her profession, her Ukrainian heritage and community and to her family.  It is people like her that make a profound impact on the world around them, enriching the lives of all they touch.


May Her Memory Live Forever!                                                                      Вічна Її Память!

Board of Directors

Orphans Aid Society

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Our Fallen Members
Lucy Lebedowicz – Board Member
Halyna Mohylnytzka – Coordinator for Odessa
Halyna Antonenko – Coordinator for Mykolayiv and Kherson
Nadia Holobyn – Coordinator for Ivanofrankivsk 

“Never to be Forgotten”
in memoriam

May Her Memory Be Eternal.

MARY JOWYK_edited.png

 Maria Jowyk founded Orphans Aid Society in 1992 to aid and support orphans in Ukraine.  Over the years, through Maria Jowyk’s hard work, OAS grew into a grass roots organization throughout Ukraine.  Thousands of orphans became recipients of Maria Jowyk’s love and care.  They received monetary aid, clothing and support.  Many finished higher education, became professionals, and went on to lead full, productive lives.  As a result of Maria Jowyk’s dedication, persistence, and love for Ukraine, Orphans Aid Society thrives to this day, continuing her great legacy.

Board of Directors

Orphans Aid Society

Maria Jowyk, OAS Founder


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